February 24th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

World Book Day 2021 – Thursday 4th March 2021

Plans are well underway for World Book Day next Thursday 4th March! We would encourage your participation in the following ways:

· Dress your child as a book character or even in their pyjamas!

· Remotely join in our World Book Day themed Dance Rox session at 10.15am using the following Zoom details: Meeting ID: 869 1396 7733 Password: 80977

· Remotely join our World Book Day Assembly at 1.45pm using the following Zoom details:

Meeting ID: 998 2029 1862 Password: 184312

Our Cook, Irene, is putting together a World Book Day themed lunch and all classes will be working on story telling activities throughout the day.

All of our children will receive a book token, which can be used towards purchasing their own choice of reading book. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible remotely next Thursday and enjoying your creativity and inspiration.

Kind regards

Rachael Budden
English Co-ordinator

23rd February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to those in school and we look forward to welcoming everyone back from the 8th March. I hope you all enjoyed the half term break and made the most of the snow and fine weather. As you will no doubt have heard from the news yesterday, the expectation is very much that all children will be back in school from Monday 8th March. I appreciate that for some families this will be a real concern given the current infection rates are still relatively high. We have always said that we cannot guarantee your child will not contact Covid 19 in school, however, the likelihood is lessening each week and our School Covid measures are remaining high.

Over the last year of the pandemic only four children at Hadrian have tested positive for Covid 19 and each of these children had very mild symptoms and no ill effects. We understand that some of our children are much more vulnerable than others, however, we will take Health advice and follow their guidance to the letter where additional safeguards need to be put in place.

All of our staff have received the vaccination and are past the three week period where we reach some protection. We anticipate levels of transmission between staff to lessen and we will keep our current bubbles so your child will be remaining with their class group all day, every day, even for lunch in the classroom.

If you have any worries about your child returning to school please get in touch with myself or your child’s Class Teacher. For some children, you may prefer that they have a phased return to school, all things are possible and we will work with you to reassure you all that your children are safe in school. Those with shielding letters may wish to talk to your GP or Consultants to seek their advice on the right time to return. The last thing we want to do is add unnecessary stress to you and your family after what has been an unprecedented time in education, however, we all need to return to some sort of new normal and begin to pick up where we left off.

Some of you may wish to talk to other parents whose children have been in school as normal for the past year to seek some reassurance? Whatever we can do to help, please ask and get in touch soon.

Free School Meals

With all schools returning on the 8th March the Government Free School Meal Voucher Scheme will end. For those children entitled to free school meals and who will not be returning until the 8th March, a £30 voucher has been sent, please see accompanying letter enclosed when you receive your voucher.

Confident Parenting

Remote ‘Confident Parenting’ sessions will begin soon, click here for more information.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Rollings
Head Teacher

3rd February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Hello to everyone at home and in school. Just in case the good news hasn’t yet reached you I am delighted to say that all of our staff have now had their first Covid 19 vaccination, including the Teaching Staff, Admin Team, Kitchen and Cleaning staff thanks to the support from Newcastle City Council and our Clinical Commissioning Group. We hope that all of our Taxi drivers and Escorts will receive the vaccine too (some employed by the City Council already have) so that we can all help keep safe for the benefit of your children. Many thanks to those parent/carers who campaigned on our behalf and I can assure you we are continuing to campaign for all teaching staff to be vaccinated as a priority group as soon as possible.

Nothing changes in school in terms of following strict Covid guidelines so we still need your co-operation and vigilance in looking out for Covid symptoms in your children. Last week we continued to have some positive cases in staff so we definitely cannot relax our Covid security for some time to come. Please remember the basic Covid rules, clean clothes, wash every night, don’t send your child to school in a taxi with any Covid symptoms. Can you check your child’s bag each night and respond to individual messages from staff. Remember if you change phone numbers tell us straight away.


At this point in the term we look at recording pupil achievement and progress. I am very conscious some of our family’s children have not been in school for eleven months now, and whilst we are keeping in touch remotely and via the telephone this doesn’t replace face to face contact. We would be really keen for you to share the progress you have made during lockdown with your children, either on their PLP outcomes or in other areas. If possible could you let your child’s Class Teacher know via DoJo, email, text of good news stories, amazing experiences, and hard won achievements so we can also celebrate your contributions to your child’s progress at home.

Mental Health Week

Remember, as part of a fun week of activities your child can come into school or join us online dressed to express this Friday. They could be in bright colours, in costumes as their favourite characters or super heroes. We will have a safe outdoor assembly to celebrate too.

We break for Half Term at 3:15pm next Friday and return to school on Monday 22nd February. Take care everyone, stay safe and keep following the Covid guidance at all times.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Rollings

Head Teacher


18th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

I’m writing with sad news that one of our much loved pupils Zoya died peacefully this weekend at home with her parents and older brother. Zoya was a very precious, much loved little girl who battled bravely with poor health all of her too short life. She would have been eight years old later this month.

Her parents, Jamila and Jahangir, loved and cared for their daughter with such dedication, no child could have been more precious. Coralie and her team are in regular touch with mam and dad and will pass on your condolences and any cards or messages you may wish to send at this tragic, sad time.

Our thoughts are also with our Health colleagues who are also mourning the loss of Zoya who was a bright, funny girl.

The one comforting thought is that everyone tried to make Zoya’s life exciting and enjoyable and made every special moment count. We can picture her smiling face in the pool and the pleasure she took from simply being able to attend school.

She will always have a special place in our hearts here at Hadrian and we will always continue to be there for her parents and in time, smile at the happy memories we shared with their beloved daughter.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Rollings
Head Teacher